Thursday, June 6, 2013


I just got off of the phone with Allen, and so I am in a super good mood (if you couldn't tell by the photos). This week has been going by so quickly since I've been busy studying my fanny off for finals tomorrow. I had 3 week Summer courses, and I'm actually a little sad they are ending already, I really enjoyed them. I am exhausted, but I am feel very darling in this completely thrifted and vintage outfit. The top is one of my favorite finds honestly. I love the jean material and vertical stripes. I would wear it everyday if I didn't want to wear it out. I've been wearing these sandals a lot this week, because they are so darn comfortable, and as I said before, my others were chewed up by a certain pup who I won't name (He knows who he is). I was afraid they were too strappy before, but now that they are broken in they are heavenly. Ok now lets talk about these red shorts. I had high waist red jean shorts last summer, but they are far too large for me now, and I was SUPER excited to find these on the Goodwill rack. This outfit is just super comfortable and makes me feel like dancing around. 

 Till next time,


  1. You are so darn cute! Love your joy in these photos: it radiates out.

  2. Hehe! The karate-kick pose is very funny and silly. You do look happy :)

  3. Happy face!! lol! That top is adorable, and so comfy looking. Isnt it great to have a favorite outfit you cant wait to come out of the wash?


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