Thursday, June 27, 2013

Up Late

Ha, what? Me? Up late? Ok, but seriously my sleeping patterns get real wonky at that hormonal time of the month (I mean let's get real when am I not hormonal? I mean the REAL hormonal time of the month)...TMI...whatever. So I decided to eat two breakfast burritos, make some strong coffee and take some Audio Technology notes and do the weekly quiz. 

  I love this class and I'm so glad I took it accidentally even though I don't need it for my major. It's basically a dumbed down version of a class I took last semester, and I am thankful for it since that class was just a complete mess. COMPLETE MESS (i.e. cheating scandal, no one makes higher than a C unless they're Batman himself, teacher is lousy...etc etc). I LOVE this quirky teacher though and his silly slide shows. He talks to himself, puts Simpson's references oh and this Avatar one that has a Star Trek reference inside of it all while still being relevant to the course material:

You can also see bits of my new Mac Book Pro Retina in the photos. IT'S A DREAM! My wonderful Papa got it for me, because my puttering 6 year old Dell was biting the dust. It even acted like an ornory old man, pooting out hot air and then dozing off randomly. Everything is so beautiful and the pictures took less than 5 seconds to import and delete off my camera (HOLY CRAP!). 

Anyways, I also like this class, because it's visual, and I get to doodle helpful little bits. Usually when I doodle it has nothing to do with what we're talking about and makes people question whether or not I was high when I did it (Seriously I doodle weird things in class like seals with people noses and duck feet). I was also complaining to my friend Carlos about missing Allen and no one being here for the Summer=MULTITASKING! This late night/early morning charade worked for me though, because I ended up making a 100 on the quiz. WOOP WOOP!

And here's an embarrassing photo of my "sick shelf" that has yet to be cleaned from last week and early this week. I was getting migraines every night and pain meds weren't working so I would force myself to sleep with NyQuil. Bleh. Thank goodness tonight is not a repeat. Well this is a rather unusual post for me since I hate unnatural lighting for photos and don't really talk about school, because funk that mess. BUT! I hope you got a kick out of hearing about my school life/Night life none the less.

Till next time,


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