Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 It was supposed to be rainy and cloudy today, but, as you can see, it stayed sunny and warm. I'm enjoying my peaceful spring break with nothing to do. I've just been walking around barefoot not worrying about getting a chill or needing a sweater and I love it. I also noticed I have a whole new batch of freckles coming in on my arms and legs while the others are getting darker. I just wish I had more freckles on my face. I started rereading this book my great-grandmother Judy got me a while ago called "Almost French." It's a true story about an Australian woman who goes back to stay with a man she met in Paris on a backpacking trip across Europe. It's extremely charming and a good, light read. I thought it would be perfect for me to read in the sun over the course of the week. How would you spend your spring break if you didn't have anywhere to go?

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  1. I envy your free time. Relax and enjoy it. Walk in nature, read a book, savor a pot of hot tea.

  2. I envy your freckle making skills! Despite being a pale skinned ginger (which is the ultimate formula for freckles) I have never got any apart from few very light ones on my arms xx


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