Thursday, March 14, 2013

20 something

I got a comment yesterday about how I looked like a high schooler, and I let out a disappointed "Yeeeesh." Everyone wants to look younger it seems, but I do not want to look like I need my mother to drive me around. So I decided to make a more 20 something year-old outfit today using the cardigan I wore yesterday.

Shoes-Tommy Hilfiger

That piano is my heart and soul (heh a pun, but I seriously hate that song). It was my great-grandmother's on my father's side who used to play for silent films. I love that piano and get very protective over it (my sister felt there needed to be permanent marker and tape on the keys at one point- I was SEETHING). My mother got me out of the house yesterday and took me shopping where I picked up these pants and shoes. I've been wanting some colored skinnies for a while, and these were on clearance for $10! The shoes are going to get a lot of miles out of them, and I'm so glad that they'll go with close to anything. I'm lucky to have a wonderful mom, Thanks Mom, I love you! Later on today I think I'll be joining my mother at my sister's horse back riding lesson. Maybe I'll get some cool pictures there!

Till next time,



  1. Cute outfit. And don't fret looking young. In our twenties, we all wish we looked older but after 30, those with youthful features like you shine! That's when we all wish we look younger. And you will.

  2. Hey hun!! Sorry, took me own hiatus aswell. Im so sorry about your loss and accident. Are you ok? Hope spring break was good!! They arn giving us one this year... :/ Pieti is ADORABLE!! looks like my sisters rescue Dixie!!! Great outfits as usual, and dont owrry about looking young.. I get confused for a high schooler a 28, and my mom at 65 just go carded... lol!! Embrace it and try to get into the movies for cheaper!!!


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