Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Cat's Meow

Cat tank-F21
High-rise vintage shorts-Goodwill

This is my first full day home, and it's sunny and beautiful. I decided to pull out my new kitty muscle tee that I absolutely had to have when I saw it online at Forever21. I just love cats. Then I heard Petie neighing at me so I went and visited him, and he kept nuzzling my arm and headbutting me. I've really missed this place. I've also really missed the sun. If my parents weren't staining the deck I'd be out there sun bathing all day and getting as much Vitamin D as possible (With gobs of sunscreen on since I'm as pale as Casper). Oh! These shorts! These vintage high-rise 70's shorts were an amazing find at Goodwill. Seriously made my Summer. I don't care what people think, I'm wearing these every day. EVER DAY. I was hesitant because they looked so tiny, but I was ecstatic when they fit! I probably sent pictures to 3 different people due to my excitement. I hope everyone else is enjoying their Sunday. Since I am car-less, I think I shall pick up a few books to read for the remainder of the week. 

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  1. Your top is seriously cute. I think the shorts are fantastic! What a great find. And the boots look something like the kind I've been searching for. In fact, I think I want to dress like this too! Love the pics of you nuzzling your animal friends - best friends ever.

  2. I LOVE your high-waisted shorts! They really look great on you. I completely hear you about soaking up Vitamin D. The cloudy days of winter really bum me out. Ready for full-time sunshine!

  3. Great summer shorts, and I super love the kitty muscle!! Have an amazing, relaxing spring break!


  4. your family's property looks amazing, as do you and Petie looks like such a gentle soul. Enjoy your break x

  5. OMG, could you look more cute?! I don't think so. The shorts are wonderful; the kitty top is adorbs; and those tights make my heart flutter. You should keep a picture of this outfit in a time-capsule so your grandkids can admire it.

  6. those shorts are insane— this outfit is amazinggg


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