Monday, March 11, 2013

Tiger vs Lilly

These two girls have never really gotten along, and they always fight over this prime real estate: the top of the recliner. They may look like ferocious beasts, but they are both de-clawed and neither were bitten. As the pictures show, Lilly was the victor and spent the rest of daylight atop her throne. Then when night came they both slept at my feet and gave each other loving looks which was surprising. As far as my outfit goes I wore an old 80's crop top and some mystery jeans my sister found in her closet. It's a lazy outfit for a lazy day. That's why I let my mane and face go fresh and natural.

 And there's Sheik. My shy, non-confrontational baby who talks back to you. I hope everyone else is having a swell Monday.

Till next time,



  1. Aaaah these are hilarious photos! Bat bat bat! Love watching kitties face off. Ears back!

  2. Cute pictures. I had two cats (Moozy and Cat Mama) who engaged in similar antics. (Moozy was Cat Mama's son but they pretend-fought like your cats.)

    You have an amazingly-fit figure. 99% of women envy your shape.


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