Saturday, March 9, 2013

Flight Flirty Nine

Beetle Broach-Vintage
Skinny Jeans-F21
Ballet Flats- Dexter

These outfit photos were taken Thursday, and the others were taken Friday, the day I left for South Carolina. Allen was to drive me to the airport so we decided to walk around the square and eat breakfast at City Cafe before my flight at 1pm. The day was warm and sunny and put me in the best of moods, as did eating a yummy breakfast at City Cafe. It's a darling local restaurant and the workers are super sweet. If you're ever passing through Murfreesboro, TN, give City Cafe a visit and get a laugh at their charming menu. When I finally boarded my plane a young 24 year old Social Studies teacher (he looked like Woody Harrelson but with better teeth) sat beside me and tried to butter me up the entire flight. No thanks! After escorting me out of baggage claim he asked me my name so as to look me up on Facebook, and I gave him a wrong last name. Besides all of that I am glad to say that I am safely in South Carolina and with my family. My kitties were super excited to see me and Lilly kept my lap warm all night (even when I had to use the restroom. Thanks Lills!). I also got to see my grandparents and great-grandparents Friday and Saturday which was so lovely. I was sad that I was sick the majority of the time and I had to keep slipping out of the room, but I really did relish the time I got with them. I'm here till next Sunday, and I'm ready to bask in warm weather and take photos and relax! Thank goodness for Spring Breaks.

Till next time,



  1. you really do have the most beautiful hair. Enjoy kitty cuddles. Colin is in my bad books today as he pooped down my dress which resulted in poop in my cleavage. Nice!

  2. Welcome home. Enjoy the time with your parents.

    I like your photographs: you have a distinct visual style that appeals to me.


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