Saturday, March 30, 2013

All Things Possible

Today was a wonderful day for thrifting. It was sunny and somewhat warm, and I found some great finds at this store called All Things Possible. If you're going through Murfreesboro you should give this place a try. It has racks and racks of clothes and linens, shelves of kitchen goodies and miscellaneous decorations, and lots of furniture. It's like a Goodwill except larger than the ones I've been in. One of my favorite finds is this old, torn up book called "Little Popcorn." Anyone who knows me is aware of my obsession affinity for popcorn and anything vintage so this book screamed out my name, and I'm so glad it's in my possession now.

I fell in love with this kitschy coffee cup with the adorable farm animals on it and ended up making an excuse to bring it home with me. The excuse: Coffee cups are like shoes and belts, you can never have too many. I also adopted two more winged friends who I've lovingly named Wilco and Milfred. Allen picked out Wilco for me, and I think what makes him so cute is that he looks like a cross between an owl and a penguin (Wilco, not Allen). Milfred has been loved for many years and needs little tiny pipe cleaner glasses so she can read nursery rhymes (She told me that she refuses to get cataract surgery).

I also picked out this dress, but decided to buy it another time to stretch out my money. I craftily hid it in with the shoes and kept shopping until I heard a lady yell, "All clothes are half off!" I ran (not really it was more of a hurried walk) over to the shoe section and snatched it up. $4? I can afford that.

Welp, It's Easter tomorrow! I hope everyone enjoys spending time with their family, eating yummy foods and doing whatever it is you all do on Easter. I'll be celebrating alone this year, but I will just have to plan something fun for one!

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  1. That book looks so cute! We never have sales like that at the thrift shops, but US$ 4 - €3.12 is about the average price I pay for dresses at the big thrift shops.

  2. i love the mug and those book illustrations are great. there are three antique malls/thrift stores in a row on s church street near the interstate that i used to frequent all the time. you're also not far from Bell Buckle, which you should totally visit on a warm spring day! it's charming and has a little diner and one of the secondhand shops there has an ice cream bar inside. . . can you tell i miss all the vintage wonderment of murfreesboro?!

  3. The place sounds magical. Even its name hints at that. I agree about coffee mugs; I need to build another cabinet to hold all of mine. Your new winged friends are cute. The dress is a beautiful color. Quite a day you had! Happy Easter.

  4. Love that the goose speaks to you! You're so adorable. Plus- just about every day is a good day for thrifting but pleasant weather always makes it seem more alluring.

    I hope I didn't come off as a turd in my BlissDom post. I totally made friends. TOTALLY. I just noticed a tad bit of the clique-y-ness. (sorry I didn't comment back on my own blog- I just got that new layout and couldn't figure out how to do it.)


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