Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Free Tour

I have no outfit to show you today so I decided to post pictures of our stroll through the woods.

Today I had a wonderful talk with this Arabic man who is in my Jewish-American Literature class, and I just had to share it with you. I feel so fortunate that this man allowed me to see into his life and really humble me for the privileges that I have. He started off saying he was worried that the language barrier would make the class really hard for him along with his hatred for writing essays. He then explained how the class turned out to be a lot easier and relatable being an immigrant to America himself. We focus a lot on the difficulties the Jewish and Jewish-American people faced after immigrating to America. The tales of these Jewish people really spoke to him as he has similar difficulties he has faced as an immigrant such as racism and culture assimilation. He said to me around the time that 9/11 happened, a lady told him to go back to his own country. He replied, "I can't help that my grandfather came here after yours." He then looked at me and said "We are all immigrants to this country." and I nodded in agreement. He then talked about being a father who is trying to keep the tradition of his religion and country of birth instilled into his children who want to do what "all the other kids are doing" like the parents in the short stories we are reading. He said his 13 year-old son got a note from a girl in his class with hearts on it saying that she liked him. When his son asked him if they could hang out, he said he had trouble explaining that they do not do that where they are from. His son kept saying, "But all the other kids here do it!" Unfortunately around this time class was starting and our conversation had to be ended.  I wish I could explain to him how much that short ten minute conversation meant to me. Sometimes you get so focused and consumed in yourself, it's nice to be invited into someone else's world and given a tour. It's also nice to have people and things to relate to so you do not feel alone in whatever you are going through, and I'm glad that he found a little bit of that in this Jewish-American Literature course. Do any of you have stories of moving to a different country and experiencing a culture shock?

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  1. Nature is so beautiful and your pictures capture that. Plus your tights are delightful.

    I like your story. Immigrants have it very hard. My dad came to this country in 1950, not speaking any English, with no money and no family or friends. He struggled to build a life here; he succeeded and he created the family and social world he craved. Plus, he had to overcome discrimination because, in post-WWII, people here didn't like anyone with a German accent. You have to admire the courage and tenacity of people who do this.


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