Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blowin' In the Wind

Vintage Dress-Outreach Thrift/Altered

There's a billowing wind outside my window, and a cloud is about to burst any second now, so I decided it was in my best interest to stay inside and play dress up. Allen and I went to Outreach Thrift yesterday, and I made off with some wonderful purchases, this dress being one of them. The length of the dress originally reached my ankles, and I kept having to fold it up when I was walking around in the store, because I kept tripping on it. I just loved the collar and the buttons though, and I knew a quick, easy hem would transform it into a more modern look. Quick and easy the hem should have been, but I was excited and impatient and cut the back waaaaaaaay too short. I had to end up adding extra fabric to the bottom, but I actually love the way it looks now. I believe this could be my new favorite dress, and I will be wearing way too much of it! Can you blame me?
Allen also took me into the exotic animal shop called Animal City. They had the cutest little puppies and kittens bouncing about and out to hold, and one guy was walking around with an iguana on his head. I, however, was not happy with how the birds looked as they all had feathers plucked out. Birds typically mutilate their feathers like that when they are under stress. There were also two love birds who had laid an egg, and there was no nesting box, nothing in the cage for them to make a nest out of. The egg was just on the bottom of the cage with the momma bird lying on top of it (**They could have been both female and so the egg could have not been viable). It just made me sad to see, and I wish I could have adopted all of them and helped their poor feather mutilating problem.
On a lighter note, tonight I intend to eat a warm and cozy soup dinner, watch a movie, and cuddle up in bed until my eyes become to heavy to keep open. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.

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  1. Wow, what a great dress! Looks great with those tights and shoes. You're the epitome of feminine beauty -- hard to believe you were once a tomboy!

  2. I love this dress! Super cute! And the band at the bottom actually looks really cool, a modern update as Tim would say! (I've been watching way to much project runway recently haha)


  3. This is such a cute dress! Did you hem it with a sewing machine or with needle and thread? Sometimes I want to hem clothing too (I'm about 5 feet), but I'm afraid of screwing up :P

    1. I hemmed it with a sewing machine! It's hard to screw up hemming, although I did with this particular dress just because I was being careless and impatient :3. I'd definitely practice on some items that you don't care about first though to build up your confidence!

  4. That dress is so cute now! Of course you have the perfect figure to wear it so short so it looks just right. Poor little animals... I would want to rescue them all too.

  5. Love this cute little dress, what a great find!

    Daisy Dayz


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