Friday, March 15, 2013


Button up-Vintage find

Accidentals in music are notes that are not of the scale or in the key signature, but still sound sweet and really add to the composition. That's what happened with my outfit today. It's not at all what I would normally wear, but it works so well, and I'm so in love. The shorts were a Forever21 purchase a few weeks back, and they ended up way too big. They were on clearance for $6, and there weren't any left so I couldn't exchange them. I absolutely love the tapestry look they have though and their silky material on my legs. Here's the story of how this outfit came to be: I slept in this 1980's over-sized button up I got from a friend's mother the night before. When I woke up I stood there staring at these shorts trying to figure out what in the world to wear with them with what little I had brought home with me. I thought if I put them on I could just try different shirts out to see which one I liked the most. Immediately upon putting them on, I noticed that the blue in the button up matched the blue in the shorts. I ran to the bathroom to look in the big mirror and loved the way they looked together. I would have never in a million years paired these together, but I'm smitten with this outfit now. My figure may be swallowed up in the over-sized shirt and shorts, but I'm comfy, and I like the look. As soon as I finish this blog post I'm going to go run around outside and enjoy the cool breeze and warm sun. Only 1 more day of Spring break so I might as well spend ever second enjoying this sweet vacation.

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  1. Smart combination. The tapestry texture of the shorts hints at luxe while the shirt material hints casual, yielding an outfit that we want to look closer at. And tying the shirt tails is so cute. Shoot, score, win!


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