Monday, March 18, 2013

Purple Chrysanthemums

Tights-TJMAXX $3
Boots (New and the heel isn't falling apart! Thanks Mom&Dad!)-Candies-$65

I'm very happy to be back to having things to do and places to walk to. I was getting a bit cabin fever back at my house although I loooooooooved the sunshine and warmth. My flight yesterday was jam packed as were the airports, but it was quick and easy and a lot better than driving 6 hours. I also got to see some sun and upper 50's weather when I got back to the Boro! Allen and I ended up walking to the Boulevard Bar and Grill which is about one and a half miles from my apartment. Both of us have our cars in the shop, but it was warm enough to where the walk was a complete joy and had we had cars we still probably would have walked. I had the turkey avocado wrap, and it was so delicious I could have wept. I need to start buying avocados since I enjoy them on pretty much everything. Today there are scattered thunderstorms, and I have the windows open enjoying the sound while I watch Lord of the Rings (Two Towers is on as we speak), do laundry and wait for my Biology lab at 4. It's been a wonderfully relaxing two days, and I am in the best of moods. How is your Monday going?

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  1. so good to see you happy Ms Jess. I love watching Lord of the Rings on a stormy day, it adds to much more to the atmosphere of the film. Say hi to Alan from me! xx

  2. I'm a big avocado fan, too. I make sandwiches with them. Lovely photos. I really like your visual style.


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